How it works

Member Sales - How it Works

Member Document Sales - How it works.


Anyone can purchase documents, you do not need to register on the website.

Free documents can be dowloaded by anyone without payment. Donations appreciated.

If you do register all your purchases will be linked to your user ID and you can download updates again at any time.

If you buy without registering and later decide to register, you will be able to link your earlier purchases to your registration by using the license code that you received in the e-mail.

n.b. You do NOT need to become a member of the Glass Study Association to register on the website but you will of course be welcomed should you wish to subscribe.

Browse the available documents and purchase your choice/s. Once payment is received you will be sent an e-mail containg your license code and a link. Click on the link to get your document downloaded.

Any instructions on how to use your document dowload will be included in the description where you made your purchase.

If a document is updated by the seller you will be able to download it again, unless the seller adds it as a new document.

Payment by Paypal using a credit card is the simplest option. It does not require you to have a Paypal account. We hope to enable other payment methods in the future.


To sell documents you must become a member of the Association.

Membership fee is 10 Euros per year. This 10 Euro annual membership fee supports the work of the non-profit Glass Study Association - preserving digital knowledge.

Documents up to around 8Mb can be uploaded by you. You set the Paypal e-mail address to which payments are sent.

The Association takes no part in the sale and does not ask a commission. If you wish to include a donation, please mention that in your document description. It is then up to you to make the donation to the Association via the facility on this site.

For larger documents FTP must be used, please contact us.

We do not recommend writing the full document description until after you have uploaded successfully,. Just write description to follow. This is due to the fact that if the upload fails any text you wrote will be lost!

After the upload we will test your document for legaility, viruses etc. Once checked your document will be made available for sale. Any installation instructions should be included at the end of your document description. The short description appears in folder view and the second description in detail view.  If you include password protection on your file then you must communicate this to your buyer as soon as you will have received payment.

By selling using our facility you agree to abide by all intellectual property laws, your local fiscal rules, good taste and take full responsibility for your sales with your buyer. We will mediate in any complaints received from your buyers. Please include all copyright details in the document.

We receive an email whenever a sale is made and will forward this to you, but you may receive notice of payment before you receive our confirmation.

If you update your document and wish to replace the existing document, please contact us. We do not recommend providing updates as new downloads unless they are significantly changed editions. The history of updates should be added to your document's description. You can also e-mail your buyers to alert them to the new version.

It is also possible to utilise discount coupons up to 100% with your sales. Please contact us for details. When setting your price do consider the value for money and take care not to set price below the threshold where PayPal takes all your proceeds.

Document types supported are:

pdf - doc - docx - zip - jpg (Ask about others)

Content guidelines

Documents are about glass, glassmakers and related subjects only.

Original work should include source references. Digisations of 'out of copyright' articles should include details of the publication and original page numbers. If annotating such articles within the body it is recommended that this be done using a different colour text.